The assurance you’re doing everything you should to plan for your retirement

Your questions will be as personal as you are and might include:

  • When can I retire?
  • How much should I be saving to live the lifestyle I want?
  • How can I balance saving for myself with the needs of my kids and parents?
  • What strategies can I use to lower my taxes—now and in the future?
  • What’s my best strategy for Social Security?

An advisor will custom-develop a plan that’s based on your personal goals and financial situation, and
then guide and coach you as much as you want—giving you the confidence that you’re doing all you can
to reach your goals.
And because your advisor spends time getting to know you and your goals, you can trust that every
decision will be made with your best interests in mind.

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More money for retirement

Our retirement planners follow investing principles have done over the past 40 years.
Here’s what our advisors will do:
Financial Needs Analysis. If you’re like many people, you’re in the dark about your finances. You pay
your bills each month and do your best to prepare for the future. But the truth is, there’s only so much
money to go around and preparing for the future can be overwhelming.

One of the most important building blocks in establishing a firm financial foundation is determining the
difference between “want”and “needs” Sounds simple, doesn’t it? A “want” is something you don’t
require for basic survival and a “need” is something you must have to live. Yet, sometimes it can be hard
to tell where a “want” begins and a “need” ends – especially where immediate family is concerned.
Financial health is all about the choices you make over the long term.

Review and rebalance your portfolio. Our advisors will regularly check on your investments. When necessary, they’ll rebalance your portfolio to make sure your mix of stock and bond funds is aligned with your financial plan.

Minimize your taxes. The less you pay in taxes, the more your money can last. That’s why our advisors focus on tax efficiency. And after you retire, they’ll withdraw your retirement money in a way that keeps your taxes low.

Serve as an investing coach. During times when the market rises or falls, many people are tempted to abandon their carefully crafted investment plans. Our advisors serve as investing coaches and will keep you on course.

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